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Pink Sugar

        ~ The Salt Room ~
aka The Salt Sanctuary

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A little gem in the village of Minster ~ the Salt Sanctuary!

Come visit!

Pink Sugar
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Spend time in the Sanctuary! The Halogenerator creates a microscopic dry salt mist (Halo Therapy) which is great for respiratory conditions like COPD, asthma, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis (sessions are free for Cf kiddo's and their parents), the common cold, and promoting healthier skin and improving acne, eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea symptoms. The salt walls help combat EMF transmissions, improve the sense of wellness and relaxation, and provide relief from allergies caused by pollens, dust and smoke. Kiddo's can play in the salty sand box or build balancing stones!

Once you book your appointment time, your session is always private for you and your family/friends. The Himalayan salt is naturally cleansing but the touch points in the room are sanitized after each visit.  There is no age limit as it is a holistic therapy - it is great for babies and littles.  But you don't have to be sick to visit!  Even if you are healthy, the salt room is a super relaxing (and healthy) get-away!  One of the most frequent comments when clients emerge from the Sanctuary is how relaxing it is.
Pricing to visit:
 ~ 30 minutes - per adult $20
Children $10/each - age 3 and under are free as are children with Cystic Fibrosis and their parents.


 ~ 40 minutes - per adult $30
Children $10/each - age 3 and under are free
Bring the family (immediate family only please) $50
5 pack Bring the family - $225

 ~ 60 minutes - per adult $45
Bring the Family - $75
Children $10/each - age 3 and under are free

There is space for 4 adults and a Salt Box for the children/adults to play in.

See you soon!

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Salt room testimonial.png
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