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Radically Balanced CoreTM

Radically Balanced CoreTM is a holistic approach to strengthening your core while creating balance in your WHOLE body. 

About Radically Balanced CoreTM

Your core is not an entity, it is part of the whole system. In this 6-week program (in-person at my space) we will learn about our unique imbalances and set out to heal them. You’ll learn how to build the essential strength you need to keep your body optimally aligned for a strong, supple & FUNCTIONAL core.

Who is this program for:

It is appropriate for women of any age - and is specifically geared toward anyone who has core instability and/or back pain, or anyone suffering from pelvic floor symptoms such as prolapse, diastasis recti, or postpartum injuries. In today's world with our more sedentary lifestyle, everyone could benefit from not only core strengthening, but learning how to move with more ease and safety. 


This is also an excellent program for anyone dealing with diastasis recti (overly separated abdominal muscles) which is common after pregnancy, but also occurs for many other reasons and can be common in both men and women.


What may happen in your body:


You will build glute and hip strength, strength in ALL the core muscles, improve your alignment, posture and breathing patterns, and learn stretching and corrective exercises to help you restore and maintain your core, pelvic floor AND your whole body health!

What's Included:

~ Weekly accountable calendar

 ~ Video and written tools in PDF form to get up close and personal with your: breath, pelvic floor, core and core structure, psoas, and spine.

 ~ Postural assessments including proper foot support

 ~ Any Zoom workout Video's on the Core Program (leveled up as you achieve your goals), and yoga flow/stretching video's to improve core and whole body strength, flexibility, and alignment will be available for you to practice.

How does it work?

This program is a combination of lecture and movement. If you have physical limitations, most exercises may be done from a chair, however getting up and down off the floor will be essential (but this program will help you get there)! This program will be held at my space in Minster and includes 1 in-person private session ($65 value) with Kimberly to assess your progress and provide real time feedback!  

Throughout the 6 weeks of the program movements/practice will be approximately 20 to 30 minutes - 4 to 5 days a week!  The more the better!

What's my Investment in radically balancing my core?


All included plus the private consult = Only $300.  My goal is to make this program affordable and accessible to all women especially if you may not be able to afford pelvic floor therapy or it is not covered under insurance.  This program is not just to "fix" your imbalances, but to teach you about your body and how to move comfortably, safely, and most of all, functionally. This is why we need at least 6 weeks to learn and practice. Additional private sessions beyond the class time and private session are at the program discounted rate.

Please note for the moment this program is offered in private sessions only - one-on-one or small group of your friends.  Check back often if you are looking for a class setting.


What's the catch?

You WILL have self-care challenges! :) Throughout the 6 weeks of this program videos of workouts with your coach will be available and you should try to practice the movements and practice approximately 20 to 30 minutes daily - 4 to 5 days a week!  The more the better! The time you invest in your body will pay off!

Tell me about my coach!


Kimberly Oen is a 500 hr. Registered Yoga teacher and Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher specializing in movement and therapeutic yoga.  She is the owner/founder of Just Breathe Health and Wellness and all of her classes are core-centered.  Among her many  trainings she is a Certified Health Coach and Pre and Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist/Diastasis Recti and Core Consultant.  She is a trained Doula (labor and delivery coach) and a HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator and has had extensive training in core and pelvic floor health!


What people are saying:

By far, the greatest change for me was just a simple tilt of my pelvis. My pelvis was tilting anteriorly and causing my back to hurt. Once I tilted my pelvis back to neutral my back pain immediately stopped! Also, making sure my ribs are not pointing out has been huge for my posture!.

My 3 1/2 finger diastasis recti has healed to 1 1/2 fingers from continuing the core breathing and movements learned at class! Results do come if you are consistent and dedicated to healing yourself! Be Well!

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