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Updated: May 22


I woke up this morning and my first thought was "I hate my life right now". My second thought what "What the heck?” Seriously - where did that come from? Next to my son, I'm pretty much the most positive person on the planet!

When I sit in stillness, I begin to know. Deadlines looming, books to be read, documentaries to watch (yes, lack of time and infinite desire for knowledge stresses me), students to lead and the pain of watching my son wait for new lungs while he deteriorates more each day. And then there is the inner conflict of not wanting to pray for someone to die so he may breathe again. And . . . so much more, but the 'more' is not the purpose of this post.

So I sit in stillness to meditate. To sort and clear my thoughts and practice living in the present. And to give myself the pep talk I need to keep putting one foot in front of the other and to live true to my purpose every day.

Meditation grounds me. Have you tried it? The dictionary defines Samskaras as "making perfect, preparation". A translation of this Sanskrit word (an ancient Indic language) that I like is "habits." Our habits are defined by our choices. Our choices define our destiny. So when I become overwhelmed, I turn to meditation as a means to cultivate it into a habit. Meditation brings you back to the present. Look to our children as inspiration! A child doesn’t recoil in the face of challenge. No, they are perpetually curious, resilient as warriors, and in a constant state of play. I. Want.That.

We grown-ups somehow lose that superpower. Meditation helps us get back into a harmonious state of life flow. In our seemingly busy lives, there's a compulsion to stay on the move, make every second count, burn the midnight oil, and then crash at the end of the day. Some might even say that this state of busyness is at the root of the imbalances we are seeing in the world, and also within our selves.

What happens if we carve out a little time each day to sit and experience the very moment we are in, instead of the road ahead or the rearview past? In the digital age of speedy information and mini adrenaline rushes, we need something to bring us back into our bodies and help us see our reality for what it truly is.

Start with just ten minutes each day of quieting the mind in a wakeful state, and new openings and releases of tension will happen for you, as it happened today for me.

After stillness in meditation on my mat, I showered, dry brushed (which always stimulates my energy), slathered in coconut oil, had some green tea and began my day.

My new mantra for the day 'I love my life right now.'

Onward and Upward!


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