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Who am I?

Welcome to my center! A little bit about my storied past! ;)

In my previous life (life before JB) I was a CPA working first in public accounting doing taxes, auditing and consulting on software. I then moved into non-profit accounting and then to a Controller and Group Publisher of 6 newspapers under Brown Publishing (many of which are no longer) and was the lead in installing a million and 1/2 dollar operating system in 52 newspapers. That was life before.

Stress was taking its toll. The money, the recognition as being only 1 of 2 women in Management, none of it became worth it when my health and family life (my son Cody has a chronic, life-threatening illness) suffered.

So when my boss asked me to do something unethical, I refused. I was forced out. It was a blessing in disguise. I trusted God. He gave me that push. I knew in my heart and soul He would guide me.

So I went back to school and added a Psychology degree and Masters degree in Human Services Counseling. And started doing yoga. Bought and sold a Curves Fitness Center for Women, and opened Just Breathe at the original location on Rt 66.

At the peak we had 7 teachers offering various fitness modalities to clients. And it was a Community!

And people started coming to me. With anxiety. Extreme stress. PTSD. Physical limitations. And so I studied more, trained more. Learned more. To help my clients. To end suffering which we strive for in yoga Therapy.

And then again, I had to step back. Refresh. Renew myself. I was losing my joy for teaching. So I sold my space and took 3 months off. I spent hours in my garden. Bought 6 Pygmy goats. Started a cat sanctuary (with 15 residents at the moment) and hung out with my Bernese Mountain pups (best. Dogs. Ever). I Spent time with my husband Mark Oen, daughter Jessica Brandt and hubby Justin, my son Cody Kiehl and his best girl Kat, and my 2 grand babes Lexi and Cooper.

And then clients pulled me back. And my daughter said “you should open a salt room”.

And so I did. To help people like my son breathe better. My daughter is soooo smart!

Now in my Doctorate for Naturopathy, it’s a natural progression. My husband says I am a professional student. God is leading me as he is leading you. We are here to help each other navigate life.

I was 28 when I went to college for the first time. 40 when I went back for my Bachelor’s and 11 years later when I went back for my Masters.

If you’re still reading this,  the moral of the story is it is never too late. I meet people who think they are “stuck” in jobs they hate. Life is too precious to live your life in a virtual rat cage waiting for retirement. Stress takes its toll. When retirement comes many have lower quality of life due to illness.

Also, take care of yourself when you need to. It’s ok to step away. You will be a better you for it.

Trust God. Search your soul. He gave you passions. He gave you talents. Circle up your tribe for support. You can do anything you set your mind to. I believe in you.

P.S. ask to be my friend on face book if you want to see more pictures of life with goats, Berners, and lots of cats!

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