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Is a "natural" birth possible?

I am a HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator. I am a Birth Doula. I have taught many couples HypnoBirthing and I have been a Doula for many momma's! This weekend I was a Birth Doula FOR a HypnoBirthing couple so I was blessed to finally experience HypnoBirthing in action!

Many people do not know what HypnoBirthing is. Physiologically the main component for a natural birth (which I am defining as no medical interventions and the doctor/midwife is merely there to catch the baby) is to go deep and get out of your own way.

But what does that mean?

Oxytocin (the birth/love hormone) needs to flood mom's system. THIS is the force you need to make birth happen. Birth happens in the reptilian/primitive brain, not your thinking/cognitive brain. If you are thinking, you are not birthing. To have the birth hormones rush into your body, your brain needs to go into those deeper brain waves where oxytocin is free to flow. This is what HypnoBirthing teaches you (plus so much more). You learn how to go into this deep state of "laborland".

As a Doula, I help you to prepare your body. Through HypnoBirthing I help you to prepare your mind and let go of FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real)!

So how did it go? My first time mom experienced a shorter labor (about 7 hours of active labor). She was very vocal about what she and her baby needed (which as a doula I need and love). Her husband was prepared and was super supportive (Hello back pressure/massages for the ENTIRE labor). And because there were no interventions (and limited "checks" which btw do NOT tell you when baby will arrive, it is only for the hospital staff and is NOT necessary), baby arrived alert and wide-eyed and crawled to the breast to nurse. It was the way birth is meant to be and it was a beautiful, awe-inspiring event to witness. But THIS should be the norm, not the exception.

A comment mom made after stood out to me. She realized when she "let her body lead the way, it knew exactly what to do." She used primal moans (to relax her jaw and pelvic floor), she bounced, swayed, and circled on her ball. She changed positions when her body told her to. She birthed on her side and baby arrived in 5 strong contractions.

One of the nurses told her it was the first "natural" birth she had witnessed in her 2 years of working in the birth center. This makes me super proud of my mom, but super sad at the same time that there is so much medical intervention (pain meds, epidurals, etc., etc., etc.).

EVERY women deserves and has the CHOICE and RIGHT to experience the birth they want!

There are always instances where medical intervention is necessary in cases when mom's or baby's health is at risk. But birth trauma is real and if you have experienced this, my heart and hugs go out to you! If you are a mom looking forward to your next birth; trust your body, trust your choices and let go of fear, and most importantly round up your tribe to be your support system.

Disclaimer: I think EVERY mom should have a birth doula! ;) Just ask any mom that has had one! (You can read the statistics of the shorter labors and less interventions HERE). If you cannot find/have a doula for whatever reason, have your support system at your birth. It is critical to have your person advocate for your needs so you can listen to your baby and your body and go deep and stay out of your own way! ;)

Reach out if I can support you! xoxo

Join my face book page for more support: Just Breathe Birth Doula/HypnoBirthing Educator

Hugs, Kimberly

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