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Calling all Warriors

Almost every week I overhear my clients referencing someone who has cancer or has passed from cancer. We have at least 5 or 6 young children in our area struggling with this diagnosis.

During my training as an Advanced Cancer Exercise Specialist, I was discouraged that I am only helping cancer warriors AFTER treatment. How can I help people BEFORE a cancer diagnosis? And because everything happens for a reason (which I call divine intervention, aka God politely tapping on my shoulder), I came to know Chris Wark who was diagnosed with stage IIIc colon cancer in 2003 at 26 years old. After surgery he opted out of chemo and used nutrition and natural therapies to heal. Today he is healthy, strong and cancer-free. He started the non-profit faith-based organization to help others who want to learn how to use nutrition and natural therapies for cancer.

Cancer can also be a divine tap on the shoulder to ponder the question: Could the way we are living be killing us?

Several recent studies have determined that between 70 and 95% of cancers are caused by lifestyle, environment, diet and stress. Less than 10% are genetic. Epigenetics is a branch of science that studies how genes express themselves. We inherit good and bad genes. Your choices matter in how your genes express themselves. We want to express the good and turn off the bad cancer-causing genes.

Cancer cells are natural and normal. Every person develops precancerous cells in their lifetime, but not every person develops tumors. The difference? The strength of your immune system. Your immune system is set up to eliminate cancer and viruses, bacteria, parasites and mutated cancer cells. Once cells become injured, DNA damage or mitochondrial damage occurs and when this happens the cell tries to repair itself or it dies.

But in some cases, that cell will mutate to survive. If it is deprived of essential nutrients or oxygen, it can mutate to become cancerous. Every cell in your body is programmed to die at a certain point. A cancer cell is not. When it mutates and becomes cancerous, it begins dividing uncontrollably and it loses this auto self-destruct mechanism and keeps multiplying to eventually become a tumor.

But, when we change the input, we can change the output.

Our choices matter. What we put into our mouth matters. What we put onto our body matters. How we choose to move matters. Where we choose to live and work matters. For many adults, cancer is the convergence of multiple health destroying factors that come together at the same time.

The good news is there is so much you can do to help heal your body. Accepting that empowers you to make changes! And hope is a very powerful emotion!

A properly functioning immune system is designed to identify and eliminate cancer cells. If it is not doing that it is overloaded or suppressed or both. It cannot keep up with the demands being placed on it.

These are your cells. This is your DNA. If your cells created it, let’s help your body heal it.

When cancer goes away on its own, it’s called spontaneous remission. The book the Spontaneous Remission project has over 3500 references from 800 medical journals - the largest compilation of case studies and medical references of cancer patients who have had spontaneous remission. It is scientific proof the body can heal cancer. We can learn from the experiences of others.

Join me at our HealingStrong Group:

The HealingStrong™ Group is a local, independent group of patient-to-patient advocates and educators who desire to help others to heal strong and stay strong using natural strategies.

The HealingStrong™ Group will follow a 12-month curriculum that will introduce lessons about diet, detoxification, exercise, emotional healing, non-toxic protocols and adjunct therapies, and each meeting will be launched with promises based on the very word of God.

HealingStrong™ does not provide medical advice, and never sells goods or services at any of our meetings.

HealingStrong™ Groups are about connections and authenticity where people come who desire to learn more about natural strategies, and seek to share their own experiences for the sole purpose of encouragement, education, and support

About me: Kimberly is an Advanced Cancer Exercise Specialist and Certified Health Coach in addition to a Nationally Registered Yoga Teacher. She is the volunteer group leader for the Auglaize/Shelby County Healing Strong Organization, a non-profit faith-based organization focused on providing support and evidence-based holistic solutions for Cancer Warriors, survivors and caregivers. Meetings are free and open to the public ~ typically on the 2nd Monday of each month at 7 pm.

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